Thermopylae Day – Victory to the Greeks!

One’s natural instinct is to root for anyone who can upset the Brussels Commissars.


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But never forget that, despite his ‘nationalist’ rhetoric, the Greek Prime Minister is a dedicated cultural marxist. He has shown this by introducing legislation which panders to those elements, notably an ‘anchor baby’ law and a measure to appease the gaystapo agenda.



Listening to the news, it’s evident that Greece is an economic disaster area – no economist myself, I have been examining a short but powerful article, which comes with this useful cartoon.

Euro Greece - No Country For Wise Men

Euro Greece – No Country For Wise Men

I recommend you read it.

I liked especially the reference to the jack-boot mentality of ‘Europe’ when the previous Greek Government was told no referendum was allowed – the EUSSR hates popular participation in the running of sovereign sates, because peoples – in Europe as everywhere –  usually have an instinctive taste for…running their own sovereign states! But meanwhile…


One of the few areas where the Greeks can still hope for economic well-being is the tourism sector.

But given this aspect of Aegean geography….


  …many erstwhile tourist isles so close to Turkey, a hostile power long guilty of pumping undesirable aliens into Europe, via Greece, it’s no surprise that that sector is now being blighted by hordes of crimmigrants.
It tells you all you need to know about the  EurocRats that instead of providing (relatively) inexpensive help to defend Greece from that tsunami and a constructive policy of deportation, Brussels’ lackeys have, au contraire, harassed and insulted Greek self-defence…

Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead… 



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…and are now using the current crisis to demand that other countries accept colonisation by sea-borne parasites. 
The wording of Tsipras’ referendum is confusing, as much to Greeks as to the rest of us. But at least they are having one and can figure out for themselves how best to vote.
Invasion from across the sea, an external overlord desperate to clamp misrule on people unwilling to submit…
It is all weirdly reminiscent of Thermopylae, those glorious 300 against the firghtful!