Yog Sothoth V Nargs Bibi – Rivals in Primeval Evil?



As readers will have noticed from my occasional references to Wayward Pines and The Walking Dead, I enjoy a bit of far-fetched horror, although God knows the real world is too full of it these days.

When I was a teen, I went through an H P Lovecraft phase – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yog-Sothoth  – and the names of that writer’s horrid monsters were so eldritch that they tend to stick in one’s mind. 

Take a look at the pic below and choose which name is most redolent of primeval evil!



Yog Sothoth?


Nargs Bibi? 


Yes, there’s another name in the news back in the Old Country, which has an equally eldritch whiff to it…


Nargs Bibi, 31, posted 40 offensive social media posts after Mr Henning was murdered by ISIS…Primary school teacher Bibi also called Mr Henning’s widow a “b****” and a “slag”.

This comes from a Daily Star report, which also tells us that the slimy sow has been oinking on Twitter =

Kill them by God’s law and don’t let compassion move u.” 

As a fan of a satanic rape-gang, she has a nerve invoking God!

The Daily Mail also offers comprehensive coverage  – Lancashire school teacher Nargs Bibi banned …  of her pro-ISIS evil, with a list of her demented messages, which indicate somewhat obsessive sexual hang-ups.


devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm ISIS

Generally, the media back in the Old Country do a good job in making it clear what kind of depraved scum can sadly be found in British class-rooms. It’s not as if the Nargs sow is the first. Terrorist teacher Jamshed Javeed jailed 

Parents will need to be more alert in future.

It’s not enough to wait for the vermin to reveal themselves. Get pro-active at PTAs – any teacher giving cause for concern needs to be cross-examined on whether they have sympathies with murderous ideologies. 

For example, they need to have honest answer to questions on whether they agree or not with poisonous ideas such as banning cartoons they don’t like, or the imbecility of harming ‘apostates.’ Obviously, any who adhere to that kind of pernicious drivel should be booted out – of Britain, as well as the schools.

But despite a search of several media reports, and a Google check too, I can find no photograph of the sow Bibi, a most unfortunate omission!


Nargs Bibi?

I have done my best to provide what I think are look-alike possibilities, because decent Brits in the Knowsley area of Lancashire will probably wish to explain to her that her kind of filth are unwelcome anywhere in the British Isles.