Cameron’s Man Tells Truth- So Won’t Cast-Iron Condemn the Traitress?


Truth-telling could, at last, be coming into fashion


After Trunp in America… (a great newsroom confrontation on video) 

…we now have one of Cameron’s Ministers saying what most Brits have known for years. 


James Brokenshire MP


Brokenshire said:  ‘In terms of the mix of people who are seeking to make that journey, our estimate is that the majority of those are probably economic migrants, rather than those who are fleeing persecution or some sort of civil conflict.

So if Western countries agree to take in everyone in the Third World who has a miserable life, it might be better just to remove the European elements altogether, all those boring English, Scots, Welsh and Ulster folk, for a start, to make room for the colonists.

I’ve pointed this out before, with respect to Australia… 

A Million Bengali Women to Get Oz ‘Asylum?’ 

But Western Governments have no moral right to do anything like that, nor to subordinate the well-being of their own people to the perceived needs of other peoples, many of whom may indeed be in dire straits, but that’s a problem to be fixed back in their own lands.

Not ours!

Okay, that should go without saying, but these days we need to say it, because the apologists for the Enemy Within will shrill at once, indignant if anyone dares to tell the truth about crimmigration.  

Listen to the chief executive of the agitprop outfit that calls itself the ‘Refugee Council,’ Maurice Wren – ‘The immigration minister’s sweeping judgment that the majority of people arriving on Europe’s shores from some of the world’s biggest refugee producing countries are economic migrants is utterly startling.’


  • maurice Wren Wren


Wren must be one of a fraction of ONE PERCENT who’s startled!



I think it might have been the ripple effect from the popular acclaim greeting Brokenshire’s statement that woke me from my afternoon nap in Jakarta earlier today!

Wren just doesn’t get it. It matters not.

Brits, and the rest of the civilised world, just DON’T WANT these people invading their land.

Many of the bludger-boats’ occupants are so irredeemably savage that they can’t restrain themselves from their habitual sectarian blood-lust even before reaching dry European land. Muslims throw Christians overboard 
Better to watch murdering scum like that drown in the Med!

But Wren himself doesn’t matter. Maybe he’s a media darling, but he is un-elected, representing none but himself.

Federica Mogherini too holds undemocratic power, but is called the High Representative, appointed (not elected, NB) by the EUSSR as foreign policy chief.

And she has to be taken seriously, this unrepentant communist and fan of one of the world’s most notable terrorists.


  • arafat

  • ————————-

  • She has not recanted those ‘indiscretions’ ( though she’s embarrassed by them – she removed this photo from her social media!)

NOR has she recanted her deplorable guarantee that not a single one of the crimmigrant tsunami will be deported unless by voluntary agreement – including, presumably, the swine who murdered those Christians at sea.


One might have said she’s irresponsible, but that’s not the case. She’s a die-hard marxist, hungry for the destruction of the historic nations of Europe, and introducing a tidal alien wave is a blockbuster method of achieving that goal.

Treason is the right word, and Cast-Iron Cameron and the rest are no better if they shrink from using it..