Indonesia Investigates Pro-ISIS Pilots -But Britain Has a Bigger Problem, It Seems!

devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm ISIS


Australian authorities believe two Indonesian pilots may pose a security threat after being radicalised by Islamic State, a leaked intelligence document obtained by an investigative website shows, although officials Thursday refused to confirm its veracity.


tedjo Tedjo


You can read the whole story via the link, but what’s disturbing is that Security Minister Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno could only say

“I haven’t got any information. Later I will speak with the state intelligence agency, police and the national anti-terror agency..” 

Clearly, if Tedjo doesn’t know, he should be finding out rapidly, and a full-scale screening process ordered for all pilots, and indeed all airline employees.  

Nor should it stop there.

Ideally, every employer, and not just here in Indonesia but everywhere, ought to be required to ensure that ANYONE remotely sympathetic to the ideology of ISIS or any other rape-murder gang is identified and dismissed.


  • The same goes for state benefits – nobody known to support a country’s enemies can seriously expect to receive public funds. Yet the pig Choudary does, and he’s not the only one.

Here’s another pig with his foul snout in the trough to consider.

Hani al-Sibai

A JIHADI hate preacher connected to the terror group which masterminded the Tunisia terror attack is living off £50,000 a year in benefits in a taxpayer-funded £1million house. Living on £50k benefits: Hate-preacher ‘mentor’ to Tunisia beach killer 

That dirty scumbag leeches off the the UK due to the absurd ‘human rights’ law, which should be scrapped in a House of Commons emergency session. It could be pushed through both Houses within a week.

Such a reform might actually have the spin-off advantage of persuading jihadist parasites to go back where they belong. ISIS presumably pays its murderous minions. Let sectarian slugs be a drain on the enemy’s coffers, rather than on the tax-payers of those civilised countries whose freedoms ISIS and similar swine seek to destroy.

An enticing alternative, of course, is to put them on trial for treason and hang them.

But that’ll have to wait till Brexit allows the will of the British people to be implemented without Brussels interference.

PS. Just about to publish this when I got sight of this shocker.

Half of British Muslims ‘support ISIS’ as fears grow over influence of terror group

HALF of Britain’s three million Muslims could support the Islamic State terror group, a shocking new survey has revealed.

Can this be true? I am going to read this carefully when I get home, but for now, a breath of fresh air, albeit toasting hot weather, is in order.

I’m outa fags and needs must to the minimart.