TGIF…and… Howzabout This Gluttonous Guy?


Recovering from the shock of Bintang beer going up by Rp.3000 at Giant supermarket…



I have had to sleep quite seriously, but have now arisen!


My awakening is being facilitated by an article in Fortune magazine, which has a go at everyone involved in the Greek crisis, but especially delighted me with this paragraph, exposing the bloated hypocrisy of at least one of those who rant and rave about plutocratic privilege.

‘End privilege of ship owners, military and church’ …

…former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, who delivered a clinical and damning analysis (posted here on Verhofstadt’s Facebook timeline and well worth a read) of how Tsipras might have spent the last five months better, namely by passing concrete measures to end the clientelism that has rotted Greece’s political system for years.

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  • Fine sentiments indeed. A shame, then, that such a good lecture on clientelism should have to come from someone whose career on the Brussels gravy train has resulted in emoluments of over 12,000 euros a month from various interests such as a Dutch pension firm, a Belgian investment company and the European Institute of Public Affairs.

Guy – I believe the Walloons of Belgium pronounce it to rhyme with ‘flea’  – has featured but rarely in our blog…


 ‘Gender’ Gibberish – MEPs’ Arrogance on Display, AGAIN!! 


…but he is a left-lib Eurocrat of the worst sort, so deserves this mention today.

In case of zombie apocalypse, the most important thing is to know what you're working with. Identify your tools and figure out what type of undead you're up against. You might be prepared to tear a zombie in half with a machine gun. Effective against a 28 Days Later zombie. Not so effective for a Romero zombie. Which conveniently brings us to the list:  Crawler - These are often zombies torn in half by stupid people with machine guns who don't get the "destroy the brain" concept, but these can also be zombies who had accessibility issues in life. They don't move very fast, but if you forget to look down, you'll regret it.  Shambler - In all likelihood, this is the sort of zombie you'll be up against. Remember: you move faster than they do. Aim for the head. And if you're going to back yourself into an alley, make sure it's well-stocked with ammo.  Walker - Despite the sneak-attack powers of the crawler zombie, the Walkers are the sneakiest of the bunch. That's because they look normal. Maybe slightly green. As if they have the stomach flu. And you're all, "Oh hey, Bob. How're you doing? You wanna help me with the.... OH MY GOD!!! YOU'RE NOT BOB!!!" We recommend offing all your friends named Bob now to avoid the problem in the future.  Runner - Nitpickers will point out that these are often not actual zombies but infected humans. Others will point out that the nitpickers probably aren't currently being chased by said zombies and so should shut their traps.  Thriller - The dangerous thing about Thriller zombies is their coordination. Sure, any other type of zombies will eventually gravitate to form a mob, but Thriller zombies will eat your brains as a matching synchronized horde.  Tee on

In case of zombie apocalypse..

And that photo reminds me of why, despite the absence of the dreary working week that used to enslave me, Fridays still carry a certain thrill.

They’re when Fox cable tv has a mid-evening horror series, currently Wayward Pines, but soon to be once again my favourite, The Walking Dead.


Would you run away from this zombette?

Have a Fun Friday!