Berani Ke Bogor? Foto2 Expo – till 30th July.

Feeling frustrated in Jakarta, with the absence of fun activities, the restrictions on bars, etc.?


Relax – it can only get worse once the fanatics’ prohibition law is passed by Parliament.

However, there’s always fresh air and flowers – even the authorities in Bogor can’t stomp those, not as effectively as they stomp religious liberty. X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

Here’s an idea, if you don’t mind a trip out of town.  

And the traffic jams do seem finally to be diminishing.


Still life floral photos, by a famous Dutch photographer, Margriet Smulders.

Organised by Erasmus Huis but the venue is the Kebon Raya, in Bogor

FREE ADMISSION! Runs till 30th July.