Wadu! Bintang Seksi Zaskia Gotik ‘Tinggalkan Dangdut…?’


A lovely day, pleased to be at home to receive an ever-welcome visitor, then as darkness was falling, I wandered round to my warteg, where I devoured my usual plateful of delights, tempe, pare, telor puyuh


  • warteg
  • ———————————
  • Then, when I settled up, little Yuni gave me the bad news – malam terakhir, Pak! … Their last night open till after Idul Fitri! And Idul Fitri is next weekend, and then they will be another week before they’ll make their way back to Jakarta from their little country kampung.

Wrestling with this catastrophic revelation, I wandered off to Alfamart, got my cigs for tomorrow, then headed home.

Now, just as we enter this final week of Ramadan, another, less expected, bolt from the blue, in the delightful form of Zaskia Gotik, one of the sexiest dangdut songstresses in the Indonesian archipelago…

She’s dropped dangdut!


And not only has she adopted pop mode instead, but she’s using it on a RELIGION-themed album!

Tempo.com reports that Zaskia is releasing a compilation album titled ‘Rama-dan Cinta,’ including two seasonal ditties, Ramadan and My Love for Allah.


Always discomfited to hear of a hot girl possibly turning into a goody-two-shoes, I nevertheless draw solace from a previous post on this gorgeous gal, dated…when was it, oh, yeah, RAMADAN, two years ago. 

She had asserted her interest in getting scarfed up. However, because of her work as a dangdut singer, which demanded that she sway and dress sexily, Zaskia pleaded that she dare not do so. If obliged to do so, Zaskia was afraid that later she’d be subject to amok-run by the FPI.

Wow, hijab? Yeah, how I work, singing like this and rocking…how do I try that if wearing a hijab? If I’m then over-run by FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) how about that?”  said Zaskia  (17/07/2013) Sexy Dangdut Star Won’t Go Baggie – Fears Amok IslamoNazis! 


I complimented her then on her common sense, and am not too concerned now, because the report goes on to add that her reason for not singing dangdut but pop is simply because Zaskia wants to show that she can. In addition, the pop genre is deemed more suitable to accompany the song.



Sounds to me that she’ll be back on the dangdut circuit soon enough – you’re best at what you’re good at, right?

That’s why I like partying!


Tomorrow, the foraging begins, trying to locate a warteg that will stay open during the holidays. Otherwise, desperate measures – home-cooking!

Gotta be versatile, like Zaskia! 

 Oya, and here’s a YouTube of her performing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQw9X5C49d8

Don’t skip the crazy ad that precedes it.