Bon Soir, Cote D’Ivoire!!

What a fine Twelfth July weekend, a pleasant day mostly indoors yesterday, and today I rose relatively early, for a Sunday.

After the traumatic closure – as reported, for Ramadan – of the warteg which is my best-beloved eatery, a trek into town, in search of victuals, was in order.

Although alert for marching bands, neither on Jalan Gatot Suproto nor anywhere around Grogol were any flutes or drums to be heard.


not seen in Jakarta today


Having, several months ago, been lucky in a lucky draw, there had long been nestling on my desk a voucher, Rp.200,000, for Maroush, that Lebanese-style resto in the Crowne Plaza, by Semanggi, .

So there I went, via the Giant supermarket nearby.

Bag heavy with packets of mie goreng and kopi instan, I toddled along to the hotel and, upstairs in the CP, walked into  Maroush to show my voucher.



Still valid, the nice waitress agreed, and led me to a comfortable seat.

The great thing about dining out at lunchtime in Ramadan is that service is quick – I was the only customer! Then an Indian bloke came in, exchanging polite nods with me as he was led to a fairly distant table. Evidently an even speedier eater than I (and I’m famous as a lightning trencherman)  by the time my order arrived (and that was barely ten to fifteen minutes) he had scoffed whatever he had, paid his bill and gone!


Mine must have taken longer to prepare -lamb biryiani – but it was excellent.



I had a beer to wash it down, and then, since today is after all a big day, I had ‘one more for dessert’ (quote, Johnny Cash, ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’)  

I rarely eat big before sundown, and just about never drink beer A on my own and B during daylight, so my immediate reaction to these delights was to get drowsy!

But I pulled myself together and took my leave of the Maroush, reaching home on a minimally traffic-jammed Jakarta road system by 4pm.

What a grand little Twelfth weekend I’ve had.

  • Oh, you are wondering, why the greeting to the Ivory Coast?

Well, I just checked my stats for today and found that no less than five inhabitiants of that equatorial African state have been tuning into RRA since this morning.

Welcome, new readers!