Glorious Twelfth? Or Ulster’s 11th Hour – Who Fawns On GAA Traitors?

It’ll soon be Twelfth Night, as they say back in God’s Country, but not yet, not there in Ulster. A six hour time difference, I believe.


Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.r


But never fear, they’ll read this when they wake, my regular fans across that little patch of land that is forever British.


One does begin to wonder, as the arrogance and triumphalism of the enemy within rears its ugly head time and time again.

I’m not talking about the imbecility of the Parades Commission, which purports to be impartial between loyal citizens and disloyal, while repeatedly tilting towards marchers who want Ulster annexed to a foreign republic.

No, today, just a look at the games people play with the truth, the ‘sports’ group called the GAA.


Sinn Fein and the TUV have clashed after Mid & East Antrim’s Deputy Mayor labelled the GAA as being ‘intertwined with terrorism’.

  • ooooooooooooooo


  • It seems TUV Councillor Timothy Gaston called for proposed grants of public money to the GAA to be refused and this greatly upset another councillor, Patrice Hardy. And which party does this individual represent?

None other than Sinn Fein, the ‘political wing’ of the IRA murder-gang. And while we can’t say that she has any rap-sheet for murder, it’s fair to say that she has a penchant for mendacity!


Sinn Fein's Patrice Hardy

Hardy the Liar


 “The Deputy Mayor made a number of appalling and offensive comments about the Association which embraces every section of the community, champions equality, is non-party political, non-sectarian and anti-racist. “

Tim Gaston, whose motion to stop funding the republican scum was unfortunately defeated, had indulged in inflammatory and dangerous remarks, she ranted.


But in fact, the TUV man had only been telling the truth about this treasonous outfit. He expanded on his protest by reminding us of the Kevin Lynch Hurling Club in Dungiven, named after an INLA hunger striker.


 Timothy Gaston


“What sort of sport names its clubs after someone who engaged in an activity which can deny people the ability to ever walk again, never mind play GAA or any other sport? And just a few years ago Galbally Pearses Club gave out medals with the picture of a dead IRA terrorist to children under 12.”

 Gaston is spot on.
GAA at play
The only way public money should be spent in this context is to send in council bull-dozers to demolish these rats’ nests, and who’d shed tears if they’re packed to capacity with the swine who idolise hunger-strike vermin like Kevin Lynch?!
Tim Gaston could have mentioned many more examples of the GAA glorifying dead rats. We looked at this issue a year or two ago and posted these facts.

…another hunger striker, Martin Hurson, is celebrated every year in Tyrone through a memorial cup named in his honour;

likewise in Armagh the Michael McVerry cup honours a terrorist shot while bombing Keady Police Station

; the Gerard and Martin Harte Memorial cup celebrates in Tyrone IRA brothers shot by the SAS

; the Loughgall bombers are celebrated with the Paddy Kelly cup played for in Dungannon

; the GAA Park in Dromintee, south Armagh is named after IRA members Jim Lochrie and Sean Campbell who were killed when a land mine exploded prematurely

; IRA members, Bateson, Sheridan, and Lee, who blew themselves up as they primed a bomb, intended for the centre of Magherafelt in the early 70s, have a yearly GAA event called after them in south Londonderry, where terrorist Francis Hughes has a trophy named after him. GAA = IRA? Yes, But A Broken Britain Won’t Mean An Expanded Eire! 




“If there are people uncomfortable with these facts being pointed out, they should take the matter up with the GAA. Does Cllr Hardy deny that this is the case? Indeed, does Cllr Hardy even believe it was wrong?”

Good questions, and the lying minx Hardy, who calls the GAA non-sectarian despite knowing full well the facts Gaston gives us, obviously doesn’t think it’s wrong.

But what is VERY wrong is how some politicians who call themselves loyal and unionist not only vote for funding for the swine but, higher up the food chain, go into the middens and mingle with the traitors who frolic there.  

People like Nelson McCausland, currently a DUP Minister of Social Development, who a few years ago lavished £60m on the GAA as Sports Minister….


robinson1 First Minister Robinson

Peter Robinson, who was absolutely at ease as he took a seat under the tricolour to watch two teams play whose county officials boycotted the Queen‟s visit to Croke Park!. GAA = IRA? Yes, But A Broken Britain Won’t Mean An Expanded Eire! 

Their readiness to collaborate with Ulster’s enemies is much more offensive than Sinn Fein/IRA lies, because the British people of Ulster are entitled to expect better of those who purport to be their leaders.

And it is the betrayal of principle that puts Ulster’s British future in jeopardy.


You don’t play games with traitors. You string the bast++ds up!