Hurrah for Ahok – Jakarta Governor Speaks Up for Religious Liberty!

Hurry for Ahok!

After the South Jakarta Adminstration sent in its municipal goon-squad to shut down the Ahmadi minority’s place of worship  Jakarta’s Governor has taken a stand that surely sends a thrill of pride through every decent citizen.


ahok Ahok


CNN Indonesia reports that Ahok yesterday told media he’d called the South Jakarta Mayor to account for the shocking display of intolerance. 

“I’ve been calling the mayor,” he said, adding that he saw no reason to seal houses of worship, especially if they do not interfere with the activities of local communities.

And that, he added, went for  anyone, any belief…moreover, he said, they’ve been on the site since the 1980s.


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  • And better still, he denounced the iniquitous ministerial decree often used for this kind of shut-down, challenging its legal basis.

It is used as the basis for any intolerant group to launch these actions!” 

CNN helpfully provides details of the decree –

First, a list of names and identity card (KTP) of the house of worship’s users, at least 90 people  passed by the local authorities.. 

Secondly, the support of the local community, at least 60 people passed by the headman or village head.

Third, the written recommendation of Religious Affairs Office of the Chief of the district / city.

And the fourth, written recommendations FKUB (Communication Forum for Religious) district / city.


As readers will know, these rules are subject to, and prone to, abuse by evil bigots. I remind you of …  the nasty intimidation practiced by ‘clerics’ in West Java a few years ago. (extract from our post – Panic on Verandah – Islamists Rant At ‘Missionary’ Menace’ 

devil destroyed ‘We will not pray for you!’
Desperate to stop a Christian church being opened, they circulated a sectarian petition.
One brave Muslim resident revealed that the ‘holy men’ had threatened not to pray at their funerals if they failed to cooperate; the majority of his neighbors signed the document under duress.

Ahok points out that if there’s been no complaints about the Ahmadi mosque activity for thirty years, it must be outsiders who are now causing trouble.

And so it is, the IslamoNazi FPI hoodlum gang.

“Our Prayers Disturbed His!” Pluralism in Jokowi’s Jakarta? 

Admirable Ahok declares that it would be his pleasure to assist the victims of persecution now if they  need help when filing for an IMB (Building Permit)…”There is no tolerance for intolerant doctrine on that basis,” he said.




As so often, Ahok is a voice for decency and sanity. One of few who can get a hearing. I see a local Jakarta support group has recruited over 10,000 members in just three weeks. Dalam 3 Minggu, “Teman Ahok” Kumpulkan 10.262 KTP – Kompas


And if you’re not local, you can still do a little bit to back this good guy, by ‘liking’ his Facebook page, here.