Bastille Day – Vive Le France! Ou Est Madame Guillotine?


Only nine years?

That’s surely most people’s reaction to the soft sentence handed down last week to Mohamed Achemlane, one of 14 people tried on charges of “criminal conspiracy related to a terrorist enterprise” in a trial unrelated to the deadly Jan. 7-9 attacks.



Turns out this dirty terrorist swine was in a banned sectarian gang called Forsane Alizza (Horsemen of Pride in Arabic)


Its purported mission was stopping the spread of Islamophobia but that aim has hardly been served by what the court was told.

We’re not informed whether the sectarian slug was born in France, where he has certainly been long enough to build up a considerable criminal record, including previous convictions for offences related to weapons and violence.

But regardless of his place of borth, he is clearly disloyal. If he was born abroad, and retains alien nationality, he should be deported. If he has French citizenship, by birth or other means, he should be put to death.

Bizarrely, the report goes on to focus on an examination of why the sentences, for this cur and his confederates, are, in some people’s odd opinions, ‘heavy.’


For terrorism?

Hardly heavy! .guillotinth This is heavy!


You can read the whole report on the link, but I have done so, and scanned the internet, and do wonder if the scumbag was spawned in the banlieue, born and bred in La Belle France yet giving allegiance to that same sectarian supranational ideology that motivated the vermin guilty of the Hebdo murders, the Toulouse killings and the recent beheading of an innocent Frenchman near Lyons.

France has suffered terribly since last year’s Bastille Day.


Yet still Hollande shrinks from realistic measures, the return of the death penalty and mass deportation of disloyal elements. 

Hell, if they sent them to a certain Muslim-majority country sharing the Mediterranean’s sunny shores, there’d be a better chance of justice getting done.

Egyptian court orders 683 Islamists to be executed