Is Morocco Bound To Catch the Market Morons?

Great to see those two Moroccan ladies off the hook, after moronic authorities put them on trial for wearing short skirts.


morocco court


I had an exciting time in Casablanca and Tangier, many years ago, and sometimes wonder if Talib, the girl I met on the train between those two cities, is still going strong. She’s probably a granny now!


But it would be  nice to think she’s in that photo of decent women protesting outside the court-house. Back then, she wasn’t wearing backward gear, just dressed like a nice normal girl, like most of those in the photo.


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  • But while we welcome the release of the two victims of idiocy, what about the idiots?

First of all, the obnoxious swine in the market place at Inezgane, near Agadir, who caused it all, by abusive yelling at the women, ought to be rounded up, and slammed in the cooler till they can control their uptight over- (or under-?)-sexed immaturity.

But also the fools in uniform who arrested them, and the clowns in whatever office decided to prosecute and sanction their arrest.

Don’t get me wrong -I am pleased the outcry on the gals’ behalf worked. But had there been no outcry?

Those morons referred to above could have got away with their intolerant imbecility.

Now they should be put away, for abusing their positions of power.





As for the lousy louts whose verbal diarrhoea in that market sparked the trouble…


Indonesia Sharia Law

… a good old-fashioned shariah-style flogging should teach them an adequate lesson..