OMG! Vitalia Lagi?

One of our most delightful posts last year concerned that man-about-town Ahmad Fatanah, a gadabout Islamist apparatchik whose gadding about is now restricted to a somewhat confined area

Fatanah, a prominent cadre of the extremist PKS party, was famously quoted as modestly brushing aside the gratitude of a very hot model with almost unforgettable words.

Vitalia told the media how he showered her with gifts, and when she expressed mild curiosity at this, Fathanah responded with a piety we should all acclaim….he answered that Allah had given me all the things and money through him…

Islamist to Sexy Model: ‘Don’t Thank Me, Thank Allah!” 

vitalia yummy


Yes, it’s the yummy Vitalia again, but alas, the news last night revealed she has been ARRESTED!

It seems the cops raided a party at a fairly posh hotel in Ancol, on Jakarta’s northern shore, and collected a lot of drugs. They also collected a number of people including V.

I hope she manages to prove her innocence, because to have such a gorgeous being out of circulation, even briefly, is..well, it’s sad, isn’t it?

And I must admit I felt sorry too for Ahmad, whose pursuit of fun made him seem a much more appealing figure than the PKS’s present leader, Anis Matta.

That’s the guy who wrote that nauseating ode to his personal pin-up – here’s a not very sexy picture of Anis’s object of adoration.




Good luck, Vitalia, in your current troubles. I’m sure justice will be done!

And if you appreciate my sympathy, I can only say, please feel free to thank me!