Toronto Cops’ Lives Matter – Slap Down These Arrogant Upstarts!


I don’t actually have a lot of time for the gutless PC bums who run Toronto Police. 



Toronto’s Keystone KGB – Infested With Undesirables? 


But I don’t want to see rank-and-file officers on duty bludgeoned to death by demented savages, which is more than can be said for pro-criminal elements in Ontario’s largest city.

It’s a fairly basic matter of principle.


civilised man v savage


Amazingly, the sap who wrote the report in Yahoo News calls this un-elected clique a ‘community organization.’


Its own description gives the game away – they say they are “working in solidarity with communities seeking justice from state-sanctioned violence,” and hence we can identify the jerks at once, by their jargon, as undesirables shrilling cultural marxist cliches.

The unlamented South Sudanese Loku (unlamented except by said trouble-makers, and, presumably, any close kin ) was shot by police on July 5 at an apartment complex near Rogers Road and Caledonia Road when he refused to comply with demands to drop a hammer, then reportedly approached the officers.

Bloody smart move, cops, and a pity they don’t shoot more violent anti-socials! There’d be a lot less crime, not just because the number of crims would be reduced by the shootings but because all but the most dim-witted crims would quickly tumble to the fact that open season on enemies of society had finally opened.

“Andrew Loku’s murder by the police is a traumatic experience for black people in Toronto,” said Black Lives Matter representative Sandy Hudson in a news release. “We are enraged.”

I’m sure most normal folk in Toronto would respond to this pinko klutz’s rage with the slogan depicted below.



And I reckon those sensible words in our illustration would resonate with decent black citizens as much as white or any other colour.

This arrogant crack-pot Hudson has no mandate to speak for blacks, or anyone except her own ratbag comrades!

And it gets worse!  

Arrogance barely suffices as a word to describe the ‘deadline ‘ today, by which time the entirety of Toronto must bow down and kow-tow to these overweening whiners.

The group is calling for charges to be laid against the officers involved in the shooting.



It also wants the officers to be identified, and video footage of the incident to be made public.

Sounds very much like somebody wants to paint a target on these policemen’s backs!


The demands, which the oganization wants fulfilled by Wednesday afternoon, also include monetary compensation for Loku’s family and public apologies from the mayor and police chief.