Ahok Welcomes Texan Lesbian Wannabe Censor To Jakarta!

The Mayor of Houston, Annise D.Parker, is scheduled to visit Indonesia from July 12 to July 15 in her efforts to strengthen cooperation between the Houston city administration in Texas, the US, and Jakarta and Bali provincial administrations.

Subpoenas for Sermons in Houston Draw Outrage
InternasionalTexas Tribune18 Okt 2014

The Houston mayor and her delegation is scheduled to meet Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama at City Hall. on Mondayhttp://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/07/12/houston-mayor-strengthen-ties-with-jakarta-bali.html

The JP regaled us with a fulsome report on this jolly ‘working holiday’ which included outings to all kinds of nice places.  “It is scheduled for the Houston mayor to enjoy the beauty of Ubud before she departs for Taiwan on Wednesday afternoon,” said Bali’s Governor! 

Good to know Houston’s such a prosperous city it can afford this sort of thing. 

But no mention at all of the militant lesbian’s shocking record of intolerance, her determination to impose gaystapo censorship on her city’s pastors. I wonder if Governor Ahok even knew about her fanatic pro-homo extremism.

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He is, after all, a notable champion of religious liberty here in Indonesia.  But his staff probably don’t run background checks for undesirable activities when an American mayor comes to call!

Fanatic Islamist Wails At Christian Governor – “He Calls People Names!” 

In contrast, the lesbian is notorious in the USA!

Only after an international uproar did the Mayor and the City Council back down from their demand that Houston pastors, priests, and rabbis submit their sermon texts to the government.

Houston’s Mayor: Endangering Civil Rights
Christian Post21 Okt 2014

I have raised the question in the past of why an Indonesian fan of Osama Bin Laden, the PKS leader Anis Matta, was allowed into a Western country.  

anisBin laden fan Anis Matta


Now one has to ask why Indonesian leaders welcome this infamous intolerant?