Injuns and Inebriation – What’s Racist About The Truth?

Liberal MP Joyce Murray and the First Nations Drum newspaper are both apologizing after publishing an ad in which Murray congratulated aboriginal high school graduates and seemingly referred to sobriety as a key to success.

So what should the exhortation be?

Should the ad have echoed Men Behaving Badly’s Gary, when he roared down the phone at his long-suffering girl (waiting at home with the stale casseroule dinner she’d cooked)


‘Let’s get pissed and go to a disco?


Should Murray have offered that advice to the graduates?

The newspaper advert’s wise words would equally have been applicable to my generation of graduates, many of us, WASPs to a man ( except for some Paddies and Poles) having partied with a zeal that amazed others then and ourselves now, when we try to repeat those feats of folly!

  • Nobody in their right mind can possibly quibble with the sentiment embedded in the ad, not least when we consider that Red Indians are reliably reported to have a problem with fire-water quite disproportionate to the rest of the people of Canada.

VICTORIA — Alcohol-related deaths among First Nations in B.C. are a staggering five times higher than for other British Columbians, says a prominent First Nations doctor, who argues aboriginal leaders need to start working on an alcohol strategy to save lives First Nations must find ways to curb alcohol use: MD

Is that information out of date, or just unfashionable?

Yet Murray has been busily grovelling ever since the newspaper was published.

Nor, it seems, are the Tories any better than the Liberals.




A spokeswoman for Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt wrote in an email to CBC News that the ad was “unacceptable and offensive.”

What a crock!