Chattanooga – More Work-Place Violence, Obama?

Still too little info to be sure what’s happened in Tennessee this night,but the latest indications are that murder most foul may well have occurred. Marines And Cop Shot In Tennessee – Reports – Sky News

What remains to be seen is how that treacherous swine Obama will react.
The last time there was an Islamist shooting spree at a US military site, Fort Hood, his henchmen refused even to admit it was terrorism.
Work-place violence was how Obama’s flunkeys chose to define it!
nidal-malik-hasan-hood Nidal, the Fort Hood traitor
Nor has the Islamist murderer, Nidal, an unrepentant sectarian traitor, even been executed yet!
So we wait for more news from Tennessee.
One thing we know for sure.
Obama is NOT on America’s side.