Robbery and Kidnap Now? Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Amok in Sicily!


Some savages are currently under arrest in Sicily – unbelievably, house-arrest; are there no rat-infested dungeons available in all those old Norman castles? – though I guess that would be mean to the rodents!

By ‘savages,’ I refer of course to the uncivilised ‘asylum’ creeps currently marauding their way across the Med.

You know, the ones who repay refuge with rank ingratitude from Bavaria to Scandinavia?

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And why the house-arrest?

Because they didn’t get money they reckoned Italy’s tax-payers ‘owed’ them, and accordingly ran amok, like the barbarians they are.




  • Twelve migrants have been accused of kidnapping and attempted robbery after allegedly storming into the director’s office of a refugee centre in Sicily and locking up two workers in a bid to ‘steal’ the pocket money they hadn’t been paid.

More likely needed is a System for Protection FROM Asylum Seekers!

The shocking ingratitude of a lot of these swine is only matched by their arrogant sense of entitlement – the state-run facility apparently has been wasting public funds by providing them with ‘pocket-money!’ Bad enough the parasites are encouraged to invade italy by the prospect of free board and lodgings, but they also get extra largesse – € 17.50 a week? Are there no limits to European lunacy?

This particular bunch of scumbags had forfeited their right to this particular hand-out because they had refused to be transferred to another Sprar centre in Agrigento, in south-west Sicily.

So the leeches have arrogated to themselves the right to pick and choose which part of their unfortunate host country will be burdened with their obnoxious presence?

At the beginning of July, some 34 of the centre’s 45 inhabitants emphatically refused to move to Agrigento, and rebelled so much that police had to be called in to restore order at the centre.




Italian police are armed. Those cops should have waded right in and used their guns. ‘Get the hell where you’re told to go, or take the consequences!’ But no – finally, some agreed to leave – how gracious of these undeserving undesirable aliens to agree to insert their snouts into another tax-trough!

But others remained – and these, the most recalcitrant of the rats, were allowed to continue to enjoy the use of services and resources to which they no longer technically had the right.

Why that word technically? These bludgers had put themselves deliberately in the wrong! Yet the dastards were furious at not being paid… the twelve angry migrants burst into the centre director’s office to demand their pocket money…

Spoilt brats!

And when spoilt brats don’t get their own way, tantrums ensue, in this case led by a 24-year-old from Guinea Bassau.

The dirty dozen locked up the director and another staffer and stole the director’s keys in a bid to get what was coming to them!


And I suspect you and I might have a different idea or two about how they might get what was coming to them!

In spite of everything, the director managed to call the police from another phone in the office where he was trapped.

The migrants were taken to the police station, formally identified and placed under house arrest, accused of kidnapping and attempted robbery.

These ingrate swine should be put on a (preferably leaky) boat and towed out to international waters, with warnings to all passing ships to ignore any shrilling from on board.