Solidarietà Italiana! “We’re Afraid For Our Daughters” Risorgimento Against Crimmigrants?

The Risorgimento was the movement 150 years ago that planted the seeds of national pride and created the modern Italian state. Looks like we could be in for an action replay!

Betrayed by their government, Italians, with no referendum in sight to let them decide democratically on the migrant menace, are taking direct action to resist the unwanted imposition of thousands of aliens on their communities. 


The common folk of Italy have read the news and know about the outbreak of crimmigrant kidnap and robbery in their own country only last week …

Robbery and Kidnap Now? Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Amok in Sicily! 

….and the warnings given to German parents about the danger of molestation by primitives..

German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

They are likely not unaware of how so many crimmigrants in Sweden repay the hospitality bestown on them by a country seemingly so debased that it will sacrifice its children to the rapacity of imported predators.

Now, in two geographically-distant ( and apparently not coordinated ) outbreaks of resistance, ordinary Italians have resorted to desperate measures to protect their families from the sort of savages we’ve reported on above.  

Amid shouts of  “We are afraid for our daughters” in Rome, police shamefully sided with crimmigrants against their fellow-citizens, arresting two protestors, and even more dramatic direct action in the northern village of Quito, where angry locals set fire to facilities made ready to accommodate uninvited aliens, the true Italy has begun to make her voice heard.

Luca Zaia  –  opposing the alien tsunami

Although patriot politicians, like Luca Zaia, the President of  the Veneto region, have spoken up in solidariy with the resistance movement…-

“This is a declaration of war for those who don’t understand what it means to put (migrants) alongside families with young children…”  Italy residents set fire to beds in anti-migrant protest – The Straits Times

…the Renzi regime is a willing running-dog for the Commissars in Brussels.


  • arafat

  • Mogherini –  fan of one of the world’s most notable terrorists.


Brussels’ highly Un-Italian High Representative, the unrepentant communist Federica Mogherini,has made it very clear that crimmigrant colonisation will not be reversed if the EUSSR has any say in the matter.

“No refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will!”                                           EU’s Mogherini: No Forcible Repatriation for Migrants

Until Italy has a government that puts Italians first, that gives them a referendum to afford them a direct democratic choice, nobody should blame the victims of invasion for taking direct action, fighting back by every means available.