Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP

Let’s face it, Obama is succeeding…in making America more racist than it’s ever been.

What happened to this guy O’Malley, a Democrat wannabe presidential candidate, highlights the cumulative, corrosive effect of having a cultural marxist with a vicious racist agenda enthroned in the White House.


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  • The former Maryland Governor had the temerity to tell an audience of racist shrills that, in his view, not just black lives, but white lives, and ALL lives, should matter. The immediate reaction of the rabble was outrage, booing and cat-calling.
  • See for yourself!

O’Malley Apologizes For Saying ‘All Lives Matter‘ [VIDEO]
Daily Caller

Any politician with an ounce of integrity – or even a modicum of self-respect – would have used the microphone to denounce the pig-ignorant bigots.

  • But I guess O’Malley lacks both of those qualities, because he abjectly grovelled within the hour, telling some loud-mouthed bint in an interview that he’d been wrong to place equal value on all American lives.

‘That was a mistake on my part.’

It would certainly be a mistake for any non-racist now to vote for him, but the real blame lies with The Manchurian, who hates America.



I almost typed ‘hates his country,’ but that would be inaccurate. Born there or not, the creep has no allegiance to the USA.