Brits! Get Stuck Into Pravda! BBC Consultation Opportunity


I append below an appeal from the Freedom Association, about the BBC. If you share my view that it is nest of rank subversives, this is a golden opportunity to say so…

  • liberal-media-bias
  • … and to people who MIGHT do something about it.

Get stuck into Pravda, please!



BBC Royal Charter Review Consultation – your chance to have your say
16 July  2015

The Government published its long awaited Green Paper today on the future of the BBC. The Charter Review will look at four areas of possible change:


−Mission, Purpose and Values – what the BBC is for, examining the overall rationale for the BBC and the case for reform of its public purposes;


−Scale and scope – what the BBC therefore should do, examining the services it should deliver and the audiences it should be seeking to serve;


−Funding – how the BBC should be paid for, examining not just future potential funding models but related issues such as how best to enforce payment; and


−Governance – how the BBC should be overseen, examining options for reform of the current Trust model alongside other governance issues.


John Whittingdale, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, has said that he wants to hear from people all over the UK so he can understand what the country wants from and for the BBC.


To read the ‘Charter Review Consultation’ in full, please click HERE.


We urge all our supporters to get involved with the Charter Review process. Please tell the Government what you think and have your say.