Tolikara, Papua / Cisalada, West Java – Burning Houses of Worship is BAD!

I’m still contemplating the 33 scholars who are members of the presidium of the Alliance of Indonesian Ulema (AAUI) and their wordy and worrying ‘statement’ on the mosque-burning in Tolikara, Papua – a mosque-burning, which the Government of Indonesia now says was not a sectarian assault at all but an accidental side-effect of street mayhem.

The more you read it ( here, on the link…


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…the more it sounds like an ultimatum…

But whilst thus contemplating, my memory conjured up an image of the vile savages in West Java nearly five years ago, who, consumed by sectarian hatred, attacked their neighbours and burned their mosque. .


 Ahmadi mosque, burned by savages at Cisalada, West Java


I still have the pictures on file, and there they are, the mosque ablaze (along with many innocent people’s homes) …


Ahmadiyah burned Koran in Cisalada Ahmadi Koran, destroyed by savages at  Cisalada, West Java


….and even a Koran burned too, which, if that small example of arson had been carried out by an obscure American pastor, would no doubt have been used as an excuse by various packs of savages to go on the rampage in dozens of cities in dozens of lands, lives and property destroyed vengefully, just to show how righteous the savages could be.


But then it was five years ago, so maybe I’ve forgotten.


However, I am absolutely CERTAIN that those state-funded fanatic ‘scholars’ at the MUI did not erupt back then with any outburst like the one we heard this weekend –

Those Who Burned The Tolikara Mosque Don’t Deserve To Live in Indonesia

. MUI’s Anwar Abbas


I have never heard anything like that from the MUI when foul fanatics have interpreted their intolerant fatwa against the Ahmadis as a green light to commit cruelties on the innocents.

Of course arson is a crime, and the guilty must be brought to book. But burning a Sunni mosque in Papua is not one whit different from burning an Ahmadi mosque in West Java – in the eyes of sane people.

Mind you…

Wouldn’t it be interesting if MUI’s Anwar Abbas’ suggested response – expulsion – was taken up and acted on by the MUI’s source of subsidy, the Government of Indonesia –  but in an even-handed way.

There’d be a round-up of not only Papuans but also, better late than never, of those swinish savages in Cisalada, and those who incited them, to be sent packing, to some dump like Pakistan or Saudi, where their rabid intolerance would fit right in!


ahmadiyah3 Cikeusik pogrom, 2011

And if arsonists are unfit to live in Indonesia, what about murderers? Will Abbas and the other ‘scholars’ demand the deportation of that murderous mob who beat the three Ahmadi martyrs to death in Cikeusik?