Cewek2 Negara Kangguru Main Bola – Hampir Bugil!

My headline simply alerts Indonesian readers to the alluring prospect of watching scantily-clad ladies playing football in what local media here in Jakarta often refer to as –

‘The Land of the Kangaroo!’



Astoundingly, in a free country, uptights are up in arms over this enjoyable adaptation of Oz sports activity, and that of course is their right. Normal people must make allowances for frigid Brigids who find the sight of sexy women disagreeable.

And of course, they have to be given the right not to attend, or watch on tv, any such displays of yummy aurat

That’s the word sectarian Islamists use to decribe body-parts which they abhor, like thighs, mid-riffs, and even knees and shoulders!


‘Fathers and husbands, their aurat is your responsibility’ (to make girls unappealing!)


Look at the magnificent ad from some kill-joy crackers which exemplifies the rancid patriarchal sexism which motivates many such people.  


But it’s sad to see wowser prigs in The Land of the Kangaroo echoing this nonsense.



And worse that a major company, Nestle, is lining up on the side of intolerance. 

Nestle has asked a sporting venue not to put its logo on a game of gridiron played by women in lingerie after pressure from consumers who say it’s gender discrimination.

Frankly I’ve never liked Nestle since they childishly changed the pronunciation of their name, which, in English-speaking countries, was always pronounced to rhyme with ‘wrestle’ but suddenly was altered to rhyme with…what..something like ‘breast-lay?’

The Allphones arena will be the second venue in Australia to host a promotional game played by teams from the US’s Lingerie Football League.

In America, it’s quite common, albeit uncommonly agreeable, to see women playing in these impressive outfits.



Since the sport isn’t, alas, played in Indonesia, I give you a few photographic examples, just to let all readers grasp the essentials of the issue.

And, ever-mindful of our commitment to our readership, here’s a link to http://www.lfl360.com/ or just Google Search for Lingerie League, where many more interesting illustrations are available!



All good clean fun, so why has Nestle taken this censorious step?

It seems some ding-a-ling dame named Claire Johnston Hall began the shrilling!

Not content with her constitutional right to ignore something she doesn’t like, she wants to deny thousands of her fellow-citizens the right to enjoy something they do like, very much!

“It promotes the idea that women shouldn’t be taken seriously in sport.”


But surely sport is an entertainment? It should never be taken seriously, except as a means of letting off steam, at the stadium or on the sofa with the tv blaring?

…Johnston Hall contacted all of the sponsors listed on the Allphones Arena website, the background of which had been fully covered with promotional images of the lingerie-clad players. She said Nestle responded quickly, ringing her to say it had asked Allphones to remove its logo from the list of sponsors on its page.

But the report doesn’t say WHY Nestle kow-towed to little Claire’s huge hang-ups. It does, however, reveal how principled the Nestle nitwits are.  

However, Nestle advised that it could not end its partnership with the arena – for which it is the sole supplier of ice cream – because that would mean it could no longer sell its products there.

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  • Oh, well, OF COURSE Nestle are determined to be on the politically correct side of the debate – so long as they don’t lose money.