Islamist Bigots Hound Christians from Swedish ‘Asylum’ Centre!

Now please note – this comes not from some ‘far-right’ scandal-sheet but from Radio Sweden, part of the official media in a country run by fanatic multicultists.

A group of Christian asylum seekers felt forced to leave an asylum housing building in Mönsterås, in southeast Sweden, after threats and harassment.

I was only alerted to this story by today’s lone commenter, and thanks to her, we now see that the fears expressed by Poles, in our previous post, of sectarian terrorists, are spot on…Solidarnosc! Against The People’s Will, EUSSR Imposes Crimmigrants On Poles! …for what is this if not a case of innocent people being terrorised? 

A group of Muslim asylum seekers demanded that the two families stop wearing Christian symbols, like crosses around their necks. The families were also not welcome in common areas when the other group was present, according to the newspaper Östra Småland.




Clearly the bullying scum are not seeking ‘asylum’ from religious persecution – they are extending their sphere of influence in order to PRACTICE religious persecution! The persecuted Christians had no option but to arrange new housing and moved away without our assistance.”

So says Mikael Lönngren, from the Migration Agency in Kalmar county,who does not tell us, nor did the Swedish journos apparently ask, if the bigot scum who drove the Christians to flee had been arrested for prompt deportation.

Given the Swedish establishment’s appeasement  mentality, presumably not! Indeed, Lonngren DOES, dismayingly, say that the police were NOT TOLD of the intimidation perpetrated by the swine.

Why the hell not?

The victims sound like they are the kind of ‘asylum” seekers who might actually make good citizens, in that they have some understanding of the true character of the evil intolerants being imported into Sweden, and could usefully spread the word among the population at large, to ensure such swine are removed, and no more allowed to enter.

Perhaps the reason for not reporting it was to make sure this kind of low-profile terrorism was  not recorded, enabling Lonngren to make his unlikely claim that such cases of hate-crime by crimmigrants were uncommon in asylum housing.

Beware, Poland, beware Britain, beware France and Germany and Denmark, and all Europe…


…as our commenter reminds us, some of these fiends could not restrain their sectarian blood-lust even while en route to Europe.  

Once they’re secure in the fine free board and lodgings provided by their intended prey, they won’t be wasting their precious time1