Solidarnosc! Against The People’s Will, EUSSR Imposes Crimmigrants On Poles!

I’ve always liked Poland, even before I went there.


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  • Back in London, circa 1980, we were out marching for Solidarnosc, exiled Poles hoping for the liberation of their homeland, we non-Poles, some of us at least, conscious of how our own countries’ governments, at Yalta in 1945, had betrayed the country for whose freedom the West had gone to war.

Later, ten years later, I took the offspring to enjoy some fine summer days in liberated Poland.

So I was sorry to read that Poland’s Government has bowed to Brussels and accepted 2000 crimmigrants, in defiance of the wishes of the Polish people.

Almost two third of respondents believe that Poland can’t afford to have migrants while every fourth interviewee thinks that immigrants do not benefit society.

That’s a given -what benefits do these people bring -ZILCH! 

The attitude toward migrants is widely associated with the fear of radical Islam: Sixty percent of respondents believe that newcomers pose a terrorist threat to the society.

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  • And if Poles don’t relish the thought of their cities becoming the scene of outrages like we’ve seen in Paris, London and Copenhagen, no wonder. But one DOES wonder why their government knuckles under, flouting the Polish people’s will!

Thirty-nine percent of those asked think that the culture and lifestyle of those of African origin is of less value than those of European origin.

How amazing, that Poles dare prefer their own Western Christendom culture to that of Somalia!



Calais today, Cracow tomorrow?


Or Eritrea, or Sudan!

Needless to say, the EurocRat lackeys in the Warsaw Government won’t put their hands in their own pockets to bestow freebies galore on these unwanted undesirable aliens – the cost will come from Polish working men and women’s pockets.


And that’s just the financial cost of the welfare trough.

The social cost too will be borne not by the political and media elite, who do their utmost, as a rule, to make absolutely certain that ‘asylum’ parasites are housed among ordinary folk, far from the fancy mansions of the in-crowd.

The social cost?

Just re-read our previous posts on these ingrates. 

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Poles should resurrect that spirit of resistance, of solidarity against anti-democratic and arbitrary rule.

Solidarnosc is required once more, in Poland just as in Italy…

 Solidarietà Italiana! “We’re Afraid For Our Daughters” Risorgimento Against Crimmigrants?  

…and indeed in every country under the malign shadow of the EUSSR’s cultural marxism.

referndmlet peole vote

Demand a referendum on the crimmigrant question!


Intriguingly, according to the EUObs article, these crimmigrants came to Europe NOT because of hardship back home.

“Fortunately, many immigrants who come to Poland do not need extensive financial support,” says a pro-crimmigrant Polish MP.

Same as my forebears who colonised Canada in the 1840s, they saved all they could, and set forth? But my ancestors had a vast wilderness to settle, forests to fell, and they worked damned hard and built a proud dominion.

Never mind the fact that these crimmigrants will soon run out of money, and start leeching on the Polish public purse.

Poland is NOT an empty territory – it’s full of Poles!

After Nazi and Soviet Occupation, the last thing they want is to be targetted for another invasion.