Sex Kitten – ‘Solidarity With Oz Cats!’ But How About Feral Crimmigrants?

French actress Brigitte Bardot has condemned an Australian plan to cull two million feral cats to stop them harming native animals, a proposal animal rights groups said Wednesday was unlikely to be successful. Brigitte Bardot slams Australia’s plan to kill 2 million feral cats

Mon Dieu! Brigitte Bardot!

The Sex Kitten, as she was called back in her hey-day, in the late Fifties (another good reason to remember with affection that decade!)



Affection, rather than the censorious disapproval with which pinko creeps regard those halcyon years, when common decency and patriotism were taken for granted as normal, not derided!

And nice to see that, as with her love of country, the Sex Kitten’s kindness to animals flourishes, undimmed by the passage of time.  

I won’t offer you any photo of her present self, preferring, naturally, to show you the lady at her long-ago luscious best, with cleavage superb enough to give the ghastly uptights of the Indonesian Censor Board a collective stroke! Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks



Nor am I going to get into the argument about the prospective jihad against stray cats, although one member of this household would, if she could!

Her mom and dad fell into that category, and so would she…


ibi idul fitri


…were it not for my Bardot-like compassion.


But if such a warring down of anti-social animals is truly on the cards, then why should the government not extend it to the garbage which has drifted into Oz as part of the ‘asylum’ tsunami, to stop them harming native AUSTRALIANS?

 It’s not as if they are less of a danger than the ‘feral’ felines. At least a street-cat doesn’t generally molest defenceless women, nor have I heard of any cat arraigned as a child-sex-predator!

Yet we’ve had to comment on ‘asylum’ scum aplenty in that regard.


Who Deserves Flogging More? The Pig, Or The Fool Who Let Him Walk?  

  Ali Jaffari
    • ———-
    • Or this one? 
  • Rubel Sheikh

    Rubel Sheikh

When’s the Vigil for “Asylum” Savages’ Victims? 

And then there are the ISIS renegades – these servants of evil again much more deserving of extermination than small furry creatures of any species, much more deserving of thecondemnation by Abbott’s Minister for Cat-Culls, Mr. Hunt – “They are tsunamis of violence and death…” than any prowling puss! 

Australia’s Enemy Within – Some Good News…But Some Bad! 

Former Kings Cross bouncer Mohammad Ali Baryalei had been the alleged mastermind of a shocking plot to snatch a stranger off the streets of Sydney and behead them…the Afghan refugee, also part-time actor, is believed to have helped send scores of Australian fighters to the wars in Syria and Iraq..


Mohammad Ali Baryalei


OK, this one’s already been put down (Hurray!) in the Middle East, but the vile slug came to Australia’s sunny shores as a ‘refugee?’ There are plenty more where that swine came from, showing their true colours on the streets of Australia’s cities, coming up for court cases, or already in jail.

Why keep ’em alive on the tax-payers dime? 

And other countries could do well to adopt similar strategies, like Sweden….

Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden

Multi -Cult Hell – Alien Ingrates Run Amok in Sweden 

Death-Threat Imam Undeported

The satanic bint in that story would surely be much the better for a one-way trip to her local Lancashire vet.