Libur Lagi? Pemalas2 Buruk Harus Dipecat!

Just rounding off the night, tv news, Berita Satu English, and it’s telling us that hordes of lazy good-for-nothing parasite bureaucrats have STILL not returned to their desks after their already extended Idul Fitri vacations.


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There are hundreds, thousands, of capable energetic young people, and not so young, who could fill the vacancies created by wholesale dismissals of indolent creeps.


 Shockingly, the report quotes their superiors as saying they will only get ‘reprimands,’ or ‘delay in promotion.’ 


President Jokowi would win rousing cheers from all over the country if he told his ministers to fire slackers or be fired themselves.


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  • Let the wasters be turfed out, to join the unfortunates we see sleeping under fly-overs around the capital.

But better to ask those poor folk already there first.

Not fair to impose worthless scum on their nocturnal shelters without the basic courtesy of asking if they mind having their pitiful sanctuaries polluted with swinish undesirables.