‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of the Swine Obama!

One of my regular commenters earlier today asked why I have been focusing so much on America this week, and while I don’t always respond to comments, as this is not a debating club, in the circumstances, a regular deserves a reply.

The thing is, the more I peruse the news from the USA, in the aftermath of the murder of that young lady in San Francisico, the angrier I get.


  •  The victim


SFBOS-Agenda And those who unleashed a savage


Today, before noon, TV gave us a nauseating glimpse of some VERY unpleasant creatures, the San Francisco ‘Board of Supervisors,’ what most of us would call the city council.

There was a public session and a guy from Fox News was addressing them on the consequences of aiding and abetting illegal alien criminals. They were a sorry-looking batch, one bimbo gum-chewing throughout, as if to magnify the collective indifference – the journo even had to ask them to look at the photograph of the victim!

Clearly they are worthless trash.

But nowhere near as contemptible as the Racist in the White House.

Any parent must understand what Kate Steinle’s parents are going through. Obama is a parent, two daughters of his own. And he has shown himself capable of exhibiting empathy.

But not for everyone. Time and again he has publicly waxed emotional, and highly emotive, after various incidents, most memorably on the dead lout Trayvon Martin.




But the senseless murder of an innocent American girl in San Francisco, by one of Obama’s cherished illegal aliens?

So far, not a whisper of solidarity with the family bereaved by a beast.  


All we hear from the White House is the Silence of the Swine.


I note, from the UK, the said Swine has incensed Brits by gross intrusion in the country’s internal politics, interference you’d  expect from a cultural marxist. According to the British media Obama was subjected to a torrent of unflattering words…with descriptions ranging from “unwise” to simply “wrong.”  http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/593487/Ukip-European-Union-US-President-Barack-Obama.

I have to say the UKIP comments quoted are barely adequate.

Obama is evil.