Wayward Pines Finale – Dress Rehearsal For America’s Future?

I made a point of staying in last night, the Wayward Pines ‘Finale,’ and it was both exciting horror and had a twist in the tail. 


  • Hasil gambar untuk wayward pines finale Undocumented Democrat?
  • ——————-
  • The last American city was over-run by sub-human savages, blood and gore everywhere. I won’t reveal the twist, in case you missed it- they always re-run these things for unfortunates who are unable to catch the climax of a series they’ve been enjoying.
  • But indoctrination of the youth plays a key role in the outcome!



But the horror invasion made me wonder if the script-writers had been drawing on the recently revealed truth about the crimmigrants over-running the USA, many of whom are indeed sub-himan savages, as the figures below indicate. Please note these statistics are available thanks to some diligent patriots.

In one state alone, Texas, these vile crimmigrants were responsible for an alien crime wave of staggering proportions exacerbated by federal officials unwilling to enforce immigration laws.


PJ Media obtained a never-before-released copy of a Texas DPS report on human smuggling containing the numbers of crimes committed by aliens in Texas. According to the analysis conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, foreign aliens committed 611,234 unique crimes in Texas from 2008 to 2014, including thousands of homicides and sexual assaults.

Make no mistake, Americans, like Australians, Canadians and Brits and all civilised Western countries, are facing a barbarous tsunami. 

civilised man v savage

Read the entire article but be prepared for a REAL horror story.