Hot Night in Toronto – Yummy Pinko Spanked Ferociously!

Late start today, lazy Monday morning, but Jakarta beginning to broil again. Reminds me of those Ontario sweltering summers that I recall from boyhood days – are they still as agreeably sunny? Or is the Great Global Warming Panic being confounded yet again by temperatures less fiery than once they were?

I leave it to my friends there to advise me.

But on the outcome of a torrid session in Toronto, there’s no need to wait, the Canadian media are all over it, that ‘yummy pinko,’ as I chivalrously dubbed her, Eve Adams..


  • Yummy Eve
  • ==============

‘ …trounced in Liberal nomination fight…

Well, we did warn her!

Ontario’s Yummy Pinko Jumps Ship – But Who Grieves For Eve’s Exit?.

Nothing wrong with changing one’s mind, but don’t expect the people who voted for what you used to think suddenly to change their minds too.

Or the fans of the party you used to slam, suddenly to fall in love with you.


JustinTrudeau Turdo


Or does her rejection by Eglinton Liberals indicate that Turdo’s warm embrace (back when Eve originally kicked her Conservative colleagues in the teeth) is actually the kiss of death, even among his own rank and file?




If she has enough grit now to chuck the Grits, she could still run as an Independent Yum!