WANTED! Jihadi John – Dead NOT Alive!

I note rumours that the evil pig called ‘Jihadi John’ has done a runner from the ISIS rape-gang, seemingly terrified by the publicity he received after he was identified as the murderer of British and American hostages in some of the militant group’s videos. 


devil destroyed


Amazingly, he thinks he is being hunted down.

Well, you’d bloody well hope so.

But it is less reassuring to learn that British and American special operations forces are in Iraq and Syria with the objective to find the 26-year-old Londoner dead or alive…


DEAD, surely, must be the order of the day.


against the wall


If he’s brought back to London, it means he’d immediately have the protected status bestown on all such murderous sectarian swine by the ECHR, the EUSSR, Amnesty…


….and Cameron and every other decadent clown who opposes the death penalty for treasonous terrorism.,