Another Calais Crimmigrant Dead? Electrify the Fences!

It is incomprehensible, the fuss being made because some undesirable alien caused his own death by his own criminal conduct, attempting illegal entry into Britain via the Channel Tunnel. 2000 Migrants Storm Channel Tunnel, One Dead



It is even more incomprehensible that the authorities in Calais are so damnably supine in the face of repeated amok-runs by these dirty savages.

Surely it’s time to act. UKIP has talked sense, to some extent…‘Shut Calais down if France can’t protect its border’ say Ukipbut there are precious few other voices of sanity to be heard from London, despite  the swarm of brutes massing on the French coast. 

According to the last official count in early July, around 3,000 migrants, mainly from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan, were camped out in Calais, waiting for the right moment to try to make a dash for Britain, seen as a haven. –

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Yeah, a haven because the troughs are tasty, and free!

Three thousand too many in Calais!

Easy short-term solutions?

Kick out the do-gooders providing food and other services to the savages. That nonsense only attracts more, as we’ve said before, just as leaving food scraps around the house attracts vermin.

No more freebies until they apply for repatriation.


  • Herd the swine back into one or more detention centres, ring them with electrified fences.

If police are over-stretched, recruit the French equivalent of ‘special constables.’


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  • And arm them, after suitable back-ground checks to make sure they are patriotic citizens, and not unreliable pinkos who might be crimmigrant sympathisers.
  • Give these volunteers carte blanche to take any action needed to prevent escapes. 
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  • Additionally, martial law for the port area.
  • Any unauthorised incursions subject to a ‘shoot-to-kill’ order.


But while that would certainly cut down the numbers a bit, all these common-sense measures would be to no avail unless and until Paris and London announce agreement on joint deportation exercises.

Commandeer enough container vessels, load the scum aboard, confined below deck, bread and water diet until a handy desert shore in Africa – save fuel costs, no need to go as far as Asia –  is found to dump them on.


That European naval force off Libya, currently acting as a flunkey ferry bringing parasites into Italy, could be told to escort the containers’ cargos ashore, using whatever fire-power is required.


 That’s how the Barbary Corsairs were sorted out!


None of these proposals is remotely unrealistic.

So why won’t Cameron and Hollande act?

Because they regard their ‘obligations’ to the UN and the ECHR and the EUSSR as more important than their duty to their own countries.