‘Desperate?’ Yes, To Batten Like Leeches on Brit Benefits!

Just been reading the Guardian, as ever a playpen for shrilling pinkos, but some ould bat named Perkins really hits the low road today, even by Guardian standards.


Anne PerkinsAnne Perkins


Her pen drips bile but her shoddy approach to the facts of the foul flock she dotes on, whom she describes as having  spent every penny of their savings to flee war and terror and persecution…


… is instantly revealed by her very own words in the same article, when she tells us that the Calais crimmigrants…

…risked death multiple times escaping from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and now they are dying as they try to reach the UK …..  http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/29/operation-stack-kent-uk-migrant-crisis-calais.


So, Comrade Perkins, did they arrive in Calais by private jet from Eritrea? Did they take a commercial flight from the Middle East into Calais’ municipal airport? Did Scotty ‘beam them up’ to Calais from the Khyber Pass?



The wannabe colonists got to Calais via much of France, plus at least one of the NATO allies (and fellow-European democracies) Italy, Spain or Greece (if the latter, via several more countries in between, since there’s no common border between France and Greece!)

So they are none of them trying to reach the UK in order to flee war and terror and persecution…

They are no longer, if they ever were, trying to flee horrors. They are trying to flee, and have already fled, civilised democratic countries WHO DON’T OFFER INGRATE ALIENS THE FAB FREEBIES ON OFFER IN THE UK!

They have made the British Isles their goal, not because of Shakespeare’s sonnets, or Burns Suppers, or the virtues of constitutional monarchy, or even a fine game of footie at Wembley…


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…but because they know Brits, or at least the clowns who govern them, are mugs, doling out largesse to any snout that turns up at the trough.

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  • Perkins didn’t get her well-paid job on the Guardian because she’s stupid. She knows all that we’ve said is true, but still she misrepresents the bludgers, and their motivation.  
  • And a little research confirms why she takes this subversive stand. She and all who share her Guardian mind-set.

She opened up on her true feelings about patriotism two years ago, in another column, in the same left-lib rag, telling the world disapprovingly –

National pride means imagining that your country has something unique and irreplaceable about it…  http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/dec/04/love-your-country-national-pride-alan-rusbridger

God forbid we’d regard the Hope and Glory heritage as unique and irreplaceable!

And by God, her determination to take the side of the rabid louts amok in Calais, desperate to move in on Britain, shows that more clearly than anything I could ever say.