‘Illegals Robbing Kids’ Jobs?’ A Good Read, For Sure!

One American patriot has long been a voice of reason on the crimmigration issue, and now he’s written a book about it.
Not JUST about the undesirable alien invasion, but certainly aiming to enlighten those of his fellow-citizens who still haven’t grasped how their country is being ruined.

I’m talking about Mark R. Levin, who has given his latest work the title Plunder and Deceit, which I’ll need to put on my Kindle list.

The W.E. has an excellent review, which you can read at your leisure, but Levin’s got my interest right away, with his claim that there are now 80 million immigrants and their U.S.-born children, one-quarter of the overall U.S. population.




Of course the Obamanoids will grunt and slober drivel about how the USA was founded by immigrants  (though were not the Founding Fathers mostly American-born? US readers please confirm) and that immigration has been a constant feature of the country’s development.
But except back before, and including, the Wild West days, Americans have kept track of who’s coming in, and made sure arrivals were properly equipped with visas, ‘green cards,’ etc..
Not nowadays, with Obama, partly for destructive cultural marxist reasons but also for party political advantage, cheer-leading hordes of parasitic ‘asylumers,’ making it as easy as American Pie to exercise fraudulent votes for his party,  and turning loose violent offenders.
I’d say criminals, but every illegal immigrant is ipso facto lawless, so it’s important to specify just how high a risk derives from the rabid rats the White House and its lackeys in the Sanctuary Cities see fit to release to prey on honest folk.
‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of the Swine Obama!
 No wonder Levin warns the young generation of the disappearing American majority that “what is required is a ‘New Civil Rights Movement,” to regain their birthright from the aliens whom The Manchurian is implanting like a virus in their midst.
I’d personally have used the words a ‘Second American Revolution!!’