Small Slovak Town Teaches Obameron A Democracy Lesson

Neither Brits nor Yansk have ever been asked if they want hordes of aliens imposed on their communities.  

Americans trying to defend their towns against the crimmigrants pouring in from Mexico have been confronted and threatened by Obama’s flunkeys.


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Cameron (and all his predecessors) NEVER held a referendum on ANY aspect of immigration.

Despite the clear evidence from Calais that most so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ there are obnoxious savages, not to mention the many crimes committed by ‘asylum’ swine already in the UK, not a word is heard from Westminster on any plans to consult the people.

So like a little candle burning in the night, a small Slovak town’s stand for democracy is a heartening wake-up call to the whole Western world.

Gabčíkovo, in the Trnava region, is organising a referendum on establishing a temporary asylum centre in the town this very weekend!

The Slovak patriots – 3,148 citizens – signed a petition after the Bratislava Government did a deal with Austria, by which 500 illegals are to be located a university site at Gabčíkovo, pending the ‘asylum process’ being completed.  

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  • But the Bratislava Government never asked the townspeople if they want to have these intruders dumped on their community! They don’t. And who’s going to blame them?
  • Not their admirable mayor, Ivan Fenes! 

The town’s residents are afraid that their safety may be compromised by the asylum seekers, according to Fenes.  “The residents have justified worries, as we see what the situation is like in the world. People want to live in peace and safety.”  

Well said, Mr. Mayor. It may be an obscure Slovakian backwoods, but those smart folks still read the papers. They know what happens if arrogant ingrate aliens hit town!

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Not to mention the fresh horror of Karen Steinle’s murder in the USA, and all the other outrages perpetrated by Obama’s pet parasites.

Ivan Fenes says his fellow-citizens will use all legal measures to defend themselves and their families from the menace looming over them.

But what happens when legal measures are treated with contempt by those who roam the corridors of power?

Up in the ivory towers of the Slovak Interior Ministry, some lofty mandarin intoned an almost Obamanoid litany of disdain.


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  • The local referendum may not, even in the event of it being successful, avert the arrival of Austrian asylum seekers, the Interior Ministry stated, adding that the state is not required to abide by the referendum’s results.

Of course not.

How many regimes in the EUSSR would dare put their own people’s preferences before the Brussels bullies and the rapacious rabble gate-crashing Europe by land and sea? 

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