Aaaw, Poor Little ISIS Man! Nobody Likes You? Go Eat Worms, Pig!

Feeling bright and breezy this sunny Sunday morning?

Not for long, as you take in the tragic tale of a good-for-nothing bum who enlisted with the ISIS rape-gang, then found life wasn’t quite so cool as he’d imagined.


  • Image is taken from a pro-Isis Twitter account
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  • “My life was hard and nobody liked me,” he said while crying.

Pathetic pig!

And that was BEFORE he decided that a jolly adventure with sectarian scum who kidnap and rape little girls…9-Y-O Yazidi Girl Pregnant After Rape by 10 ISIS Men ….would be JUST what he needed!


  • worms
  • Nobody liked him?

Sounds like everyone saw him for what he really was!

“I didn’t have many friends. I was on the Internet a lot and playing games.” .

Thousands of young people are on the Internet a lot and playing games  – but they don’t become acolytes of Satan!


Presumably, since he ran off to join the vermin, he took breaks between his ‘games’ to read something about what ISIS was doing to the women and children (never mind beheading the men) who came under their cruel control.


Does he seriously expect anyone, anywhere, to believe he was ignorant of the inhuman evil he chose to cleave to?


Hardly! The renegade, now thankfully behind bars, can’t deny it.

The prisoner was promised $50 per month along with a house and a wife.

Silhouette weeping

Like, duh, where was this ‘wife’ to come from? The Daesh Dating Agency? The ISIS Post-Prayer Disco?

Of course he knew his ‘wife’ would be allotted to him from the terrorised captives seized by the predators.

Iraq: Yazidi girls ‘raped in public’ and sold to Isis fighters …


Unless of course he was lucky enough to win the heart of one of those ugly, demented ( and ever so devout! ) bints that left England to serve as ‘brides,’ aka sicko sex-slaves, for the murderous thugs – to the ‘dismay’ of their doting parents….


. . 

But he said that life under the group was not what he hoped.

So he did a runner.

Like many others who relished the prospect of life as a molestor of the helpless…

Up to 100 British Jihadis stranded in Turkey – Too scared to return home

…, the idea of earning his keep with the Legion of Hell was unappealing – hard work, of any kind, often isn’t  – and he’s now in a quandary.

The revolting, snivelling swine doesn’t know what’s to become of him.


Might I suggest he be handed over for use as target-practice by the Yazidis training for pay-back?