Brit Rail’s ‘Wrong Kind of Snow?’ French Cops’ ‘Wrong Kind of Ammo!’

British readers will undoubtedly remember that wonderful outburst from a bigwig in British Rail, trying to explain why grand designs to avoid winter delays had failed – ‘It was the wrong kind of snow,’ he wailed…


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The wrong type of snow – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


… even stranded commuters had to laugh…albeit grimly!

This came to mind after viewing a photo in the UK media.

calais cop-18


Faced by a mob of savages, that poor chap in police uniform appears to be using something similar to the spray I use to deter Jakarta nyamuk,  mosquitoes!

Certainement, they likely are infested with bugs of various kinds, but if Hollande and Cameron were serious about solving the Calais problem…



That silhouetted soldier appears to be more sensibly equipped!

However, having just read a relevant article in Conservative Home, I was struck by the writer’s assertion that ‘just as Italy has effectively passed on the Mediterranean migrant issue by allowing new arrivals to pass into France, the French are merrily turning a blind eye in the hope that the people involved will now cross the Channel into Britain.

No doubt that thought has crossed the minds of many Brits, and it may or may not be an accurate perception.

But while Hollande, and his non-socialist predecessor, should of course have used maximum force to round the rabble up and expel them, not only from Calais but from La Belle France, there’s an old saying about people who ive in glass houses.

What, after all, have Cameron, or his Conservative predecessors, done to excise the ‘asylum’ cancer from the Sceptred Isle?


They are subservient to the ECHR, and frit, as Maggie might have said, of the Fifth Column shrills in papers like The Independent, who roar and rant and go nuts on behalf of any undesirable alien deported from the UK.

They always do. They always will. They are not on Britain’s side.

What’s needed is solidarite!

Coming from an entirely opposite angle, even that Tory journo recognises that merely raging against Paris won’t solve it! 

We should feel sorry for the French cops who would very probably like to use their handy handguns but are not allowed to, by politically-correct senior officers. The French people are as disgusted as Brits by the scum marauding across their cities.

But the next words in the article are much more disturbing, and have the ring of truth. …with a renegotiation to attempt, Cameron and Osborne are evidently not in the mood to rub other EU governments up the wrong way too much  .

What that boils down to, plainly put, is that these top Tories won’t take needful action to safeguard the UK if it might jeopardise their scheming to keep British people subject to Brussels.

That is damnable disregard of their duty.  

If other European governments, notably Germany’s Merkel and those sorry clowns in Stockholm, want to inundate their countries with savages, up to them – if their citizens let them get way with it, sad, but again, up to them.


Any Brit leader worthy of the name should be taking a stand, an action replay of the Gates of Vienna, turning the alien incursion back.

If that might involve a higher ‘risk’ of Britexit – hurray!