Corbyn, ‘Kippers’ And Silly ‘Entryism’ Stories!



Ha, a slow start this morning, despite noises from without, a babbling tukang sayur,  veggie vendor, talking to my neighbour’s wife at a volume as if they were a mile apart…

However, now catching up on my media reading, and here’s Henry Hill, who often writes useful stuff on Conservative Home.

But this time he’s way off the mark with a weird rant about ‘entryism,’ which to him conjures up a ‘scary movie’ scenario where some Kippers could still favour entryist tactics, whether they be People’s Army loyalists hoping to destroy a rival or former Tories trying to ‘reclaim’ their old party. 

As Cameron shows his true ‘cast-iron’ mettle by failing to deploy marksmen at the Chunnel to defend the country against a savage horde, why on earth would any UKIP member want to join or rejoin the party which tolerates such a worm at its helm.

But that’s BTW.

Entryism is the term for infiltration of a party by outsiders trying to take it over. 

  • It happens. Back in the day when Labour were a fairly social democratic party, lots of Reds from the Militant Tendency attempted a take-over. They were head-case commies, and lacked the skill that the cultural marxists later showed when they succeeded in doing what Militant (admittedly narrowly) failed to do.

Now, says Mr. Hill, ‘entryism’ is under way again.

He’s talking about ‘Conservatives’ joining Labour for a special fee and voting for Jeremy Corbyn.

But then he immediately makes the word meaningless by saying – about the Tory Party – that it’s almost unthinkable that a moment of complacency or indulgence might see someone slip through the net as Corbyn did… .

Jeremy Corbyn didn’t ‘slip through‘ any net! He’s not my cup of tea, far from it…


Corbyn Invited the Blood Beast to London? So Did Tony B.Liar! 



…but he’s been a Labour Party member for donkey’s years, a borough councillor when I lived in London’s Haringey in the 1980s, and has subsequently as an MP for quite some time too.



Going over Henry Hill’s article, his obession with being ‘mainstream,’ whatever that might be, appears to have led him to say that anyone who doesn’t chime in with the elite’s mindless ‘consensus’ politics is an interloper, an unwarranted intruder into the governance of Britain.

Hogwash, Henry!