Euro-Elites Disdain Democracy – Three Cheers For The Red, White and Blue!

Immigration is the most pressing concern for Europeans….Thirty-eight percent of Europeans regard immigration as their main policy priority, the spring Eurobarometer poll published on Friday (31 July) found, a 14 point increase from last autumn.


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  • And probably that figure rises daily, given the continuing tsunami of aliens being graciously transported by European navies which are meant to resist invasions, not facilitate them. No wonder the influx of undesirables is a ‘pressing concern.’

But never fear, the ruling class in Brussels won’t dream of letting the people have their say via a ballot box. They know what the answer would be.


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That’s what one small town in Slovakia said…

Small Slovak Town Teaches Obameron A Democracy Lesson 

…. when the voters managed to get hold of the levers of democracy, something abhorred by the EUSSR and all its running-dogs around Europe.

The Slovak town of Gabcikovo Sunday voted “No” to temporarily taking in 500 asylum seekers. Only 102 of 2,600 votes cast were in favour of accepting asylum seekers.

So will the powers that be in Bratislava respect this decision? They could say that one town can’t tell a country what to do, but that would invite the response – okay, put it to a nationwide referendum!


Unless Slovak leaders are made of sterner stuff than most, that won’t happen. Rejection of parasites would put the regime in Brussels’ bad books! 

But the people, united, can never be defeated, not forever, though in the short term the cultural marxist slugs who rule Europe will insist that popular sovereignty is haram…aka non-binding.’

So too with the democratic initiative under way in Holland, where a popular blog and a foundation critical of the EU’s ‘democratic deficit’ and the pace of European integration are rallying Dutch citizens to support a referendum on the EU’s association agreement with Ukraine.


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  • I have nothing to say about that issue, but it is a joy to see that these good Dutch folk  –  Burgercomite EU (Citizens’ committee EU), and the blog Geenstijl –  are profiting from a new democratic tool in the Netherlands which allows citizens to call for a consultative referendum on a recently adopted law or treaty.

The required number of 10,000 signatures by 6 August should easily be within their grasp, but that’s only the first hurdle.  Then they need 300,000 by the end of September. Even the organisers are daunted.

“But if we succeed, then we win a real national EU referendum. That is worth a try, right?”


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  • Damn right!
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One of their obstacles is surely the issue –  Ukraine?
Reading between the lines, it’s a trial run.  It’s a new law, and cannot be used retrospectively. So democrats can stem a tide but not turn it back.  

They’ve been watering the delicate shoots of freedom for some years, though. EUObs reminds us that Burgercomite EU two years ago collected 56,000 signatures for a citizens’ initiative, calling for a parliamentary debate and vote to “stop the creeping transfer of powers to the EU”. Despite the effort, the proposal for an in/out referendum was defeated by 112 to 38 MPs.

But it’s that key word –  Non-Binding – that keeps the whip-hand in the greasy grip of the elite.


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Until these arrogant lords of misrule are brought under control, hopes of deliverance, from the menace of multicult migration as from the Brussels bullies and their local lackeys, cannot realistically be realised.

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  • Nevertheless, every channel of protest, to let the people’s voice be heard, should be put to good use.

Wiser by far to wage the war of liberation by political processes than to  have to ‘do a Ceausescu’ on Junker and Co – no matter they deserve little better!