Officer Down in Calais – No Order To Open Fire?

Migrants are continuing to overwhelm the police guarding the Eurotunnel terminal despite the wider use of tear gas and batons…the officers holding the line at Calais are ‘exhausted.’

Tear gas and batons? A clearly disproportionate response to an illegal invasion. The police in France are armed, as a rule, so who’s hand-cuffing them?

Open fire, and drive the savages back! 

Yet from Cameron and Hollande all we hear are pathetic pleas for Brussels to ‘help?’


Are they going to wait for a cop to get killed by this arrogant lawless rabble….an organised gang of 200 filmed chanting ‘open the borders’ and demanding to be allowed to walk to Britain…?

Demanding? To be let into somebody else’s homeland, and be allowed to stick their vile snouts into that homeland’s tax-payers’ pockets?

That’s HUBRIS, the overweening arrogance which ancient Greeks said drew down the anger of the gods. (You can tell the difference of hubris and just regular arrogance or pride by the fact that the character has seemed to allow reality slip away from them.

And surely reality has slipped away from those scabrous rioters, if they think they can gate-crash Great Britain?

Or has it?


…the officer hit in the face by rocks last night led to the arrest of a Sudanese man, 20, who now faces criminal charges. ‘The officer is in hospital with serious head injuries,’ said a police source in Calais..



The savages described above and depicted below are the enemy.



calais mob

civilised man v savage


According to another report today, there’s a ‘secret’ plan to deploy 5000 British troops on UK streets if a terrorist threat erupts again. .

So why not use the Chunnel crisis as a training exercise – and target practice!

If French forces are flagging, let’s stop bickering and remember that France and Britain are allies.