Katie Criticises Crimmigrants – Pinkos Set The Cops On Her!

Free speech can be crushed not only by laws being used to intimidate those who speak freely but by aggressive agitators who run whining to the police demanding those laws be deployed against such speakers.


No serious case for prosecution, much less risk of conviction – but not everyone has the strength of character to stand up to such political policing, nor indeed the resources to hire lawyers if cases are brought against them.

Easier to hush up and let the cultural marxists dominate debate. That’s certainly why so many Brits have so long kept quiet about their true feelings – at least in public. 

But the imminent menace of that horde of savages in Calais is loosening tongues long stilled by PC lawfare.

Yet many ordinary United Kingdom folk remain cautious about criticising those who would despoil their country.


  • truththenewhatespeechcorrectspellinigKatie Hopkins on 'This Morning' TV programme, London
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  • So thanks be for courageous Katie Hopkins, whose excellent use of vocabulary –  “cockroaches,” “ferrel,” “spreading like norovirus” –  in a recent article has brought her to the attention of  the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Special Enquiry Team of the Homicide and Major Crime Command!’
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  • Or shall we just call them The Thought Police, summoned to stomp free speech by some obnoxious creep who’s apparently top gun in the ‘Black Lawyers Society.’
  • Are there White, Yellow and Brown Lawyers’ Societies too? Does the legal profession operate an apartheid system? Sounds racist to me!
  • But he’s the one who’s gone bleating to the cops with allegations of incitement of racial hatred.
  • https://uk.celebrity.yahoo.com/post/125828232494/katie-hopkins-questioned-by-police-following
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  • How dare these pinko ‘black lawyers’ (and it’s their pinko disloyalty, not their black skin colour that infuriates) seek to censor legitimate outrage at the threat of mobs of undesirable aliens barging illegally into the realm to batten like leeches onto the public purse?
  • And why cannot the Metropolitan Police take a rational stance with regard to infantile carping complaints?
  • Just tell the BLS to take their BS and…
  • keep-calm-and-shove-it-up-your-ass