Jokowi Talks ‘Mental Revolution’- His Flunkeys March Backwards!

It looks like another step towards the Dark Ages for Indonesia, as President Jokowi’s Defence Ministry confirms there’s a new sexist regulation on marriage for their employees.

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  • So much for that great ‘Mental Revolution’ Jokowi campaigned for, a giant leap forward to cement Indonesia’s place in the 21st century. Instead, we have some of his flunkeys marching vigorously backwards. The new rule is blatantly discriminatory, fundamentally sexist. 

Over-sexed male bureaucrats in the Defence Ministry may enjoy sex with a bunch of wives, whereas no woman in that ministry should imagine, not even for a moment, that she can expect similar ‘rights.’

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  • The Jakarta Post reports ‘the letter of notice mentioned a rule that states male civil servants in the Defense Ministry are allowed to have multiple wives. The women, however, are not allowed to have multiple husbands.

This will gladden the hearts of every benighted brute in the archipelago, not necessarily because they endorse the bed-room gluttony of some pen-pushers in Jakarta, but because polygamy exemplifies the inferior status of women.

Along with the imminent prohibition law…

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Why would any modern country wish to emulate the worst aspects of the Middle East mind-set?

Will the Minister of Women’s Empowerment ask the President to step in and veto this violation of women’s rights?