Many Happy Returns, Singapore! And Keep On Caning Crimmigrants!

Fifty years of independence, fifty years of non-stop progress!

Congratulations, Singapore!’


I enjoy my occasional trips across the straits.

Singapore’s pavements are the big attraction, that relaxed feeling as you walk along, knowing there’s only the tiniest chance you’ll fall down a hole!

But amid the cheering, there’s also questioning – how did they do it?

A very small island, once a steamy swamp, now a power-house, an example of a success envied by many other Asian countries, has many lessons to teach us all, not least the leaders of our Western governments.

There are any number of answers being bandied about!





But the simple answer is common sense!


Singapore is an attractive destination due to its high living standards and wages. The punishment for illegal immigration in the country are a mandatory caning sentence of not less than 3 strokes and a prison sentence.

Illegal immigration has been steadily declining from 2001 to 2011…


Now why doesn’t Cameron tell the Calais savages that’s what’s waiting for any of them who gets caught prowling in the Channel Tunnel!