Another Bali Bus Route – Foil the Ferals!

Ngurah Rai International Airport 3 Ngurah Rai Airport


Good news from Bali, where that useful website reports that large buses capable of carrying 50 passengers will travel a new route, from Pesiapan Terminal in Tabanan to Ngurah Rai Airport, starting in the middle of next month!

Any foreigners planning a visit to the Isle of the Gods should take careful note of this, and make use of the service…


sarbagita bus


…anything to thwart the rapacious rip-off greed of those ghastly taxi-grimnasties who loiter around the exit doors and seek to persuade unwary travellers into their vehicles.

There are decent taxis in Bali, but you need to trek a bit away from where the ferals prowl.

I don’t know where in the terminal area these new buses will wait, but you should check it out and save a small (?) fortune!