Happy Ever After in Jakarta? Ministry Denies Report Of Sexist Marriage Rules!

After last week’s gloomy news that Indonesia appeared to be endorsing primitive sexism – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/08/08/jokowi-talks-mental-revolution-his-flunkeys-march-backwards/  – we are more than happy to publish a denial from the government ministry concerned.

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  • The previous story, that male civil servants could practice polygamy but women were forbidden equivalent sexual self-indulgence – came from the Jakarta Post. However, the very same newspaper very quickly carried a refutation fom a senior Defence Ministry representative!

Brigadier General Jundan Eko Bintoro has denied that the ministry allows its employees to practice polygamy…“The letter [circulated among the ministry’s employees] actually forbids polygamy,” said Jundan as quoted by tribunnews.com on Saturday.


A very welcome denial – Indonesians surely don’t want their country regarded as a place awash with barbaric Arab practices.

But how come the alarming report we read last week ever emerged in the first place?

Somebody should be investigating.