Dina Jazz? Windy? WOW! Sabun Colek, Penyanyi2 Dangdut Cantik2!


Wahid Yasim/Thamrin junction, site of the Djakarta Theater


It was the venue that caught my attention, that old Djakarta Theater, so different now from the flea-pit which it used to be.  Nowadays it’s a fine cinema, multi-screened like all the ’21’ chain.

But I miss the older version, not for its decrepitude but for the little friends I used to take there!

However, this is not a nostalgia post but a happy story to round off our bloggy evening, about a young Javanese gal who has arisen to stardom from humble origins as a TKI in Hong Kong.

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TKIs are a favourite theme of mine, dauntless ladies who travel far from their kampungs to earn much-needed money in foreign parts. Some do well, but others sadly come to grief, exploited by evil rich swine, brutalised, raped and ripped-off.

Nor are their troubles only visited on them by foreign fiends, but by nasty scum who work at airports here in Indonesia.

Ayo, KPK. Drag the Airport Scum Out of the Shadows – String ‘Em Up! 

 Erwiana, one TKI who suffered badly.

I’ve recounted many terrible tales, and leave it to you to look at the links to former posts on the subject.


But this Vivanews report features a luckier lovely, part of a pair of dangdut singers, the duo Sabun Colek, pictured below, and her name now is Dina Jazz. The journos met up with Dina at that Djakarta Theater I used to frequent.

She’s gorgeous, as you see, and so is her colleague, Windy  – what a splendid name!


  • sabun colek Dina jazz windy Dina and Windy – Sabun Colek


As the report in puts it, she never expected her life to turn 180 degrees and become a public entertainer!  

Dina had just gone along to a concert by the band Wali, in Hong Kong, and was spotted by their manager – not surprising, given her looks! – for her dynamic shimmying, and from there, it’s just snowballed. 

Dina then officially became a dangdut singer and formed a duo called Sabun Colek with her friend, Windy Septia. The name means Soap Flick, apparently a reference to the kind of domestic chores she once did.

Dangdut songstresses are almost all beautiful, and there are plenty of them, but the more the merrier.

And it’s good to read of a TKI who has escaped drudgery to find fame!