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    UK ‘Asylum’ Agitators Leeching Public Purse – PROTEST!



    Why on earth does the UK Government, which likes to pretend it’s taking a tough line on illegals. not crack down on ‘asylum’ agitprop outfits leeching off UK tax-payers’ money?

    That’s the question I put to Brit readers today, after reading a shocking report about a brazenly political pressure group calling itself a ‘charity’ whilst trying to unleash hordes of alien parasites onto British streets.



    Little Zealot Zoe’s ‘non-political’ charity?


    Asylum Aid – which counts amongst its donors the BBC’s Children in Need appeal, as well as the European Refugee Fund – has today called on the government to shut down the Yarl’s Wood immigration centre, where asylum applicants are held while being processed…. 



    Their Communications Officer, a pulchritudinous pinko named Zoe Gardner, says potential absconders should be released into UK towns and cities at a cost to the British tax payer.


    But unlike the Guardian or Independent, which take a consistently pro-parasite line, Breitbart.com journos know how to ask real questions when confronted by shilly-shallying shrills. 

    “But 100 per cent of people who enter the asylum system aren’t then found to be asylum seekers are they?” she was told.

    That key point was pointed out to Little Zealot Zoe, reminding her how the government was stepping up efforts to curb undesirable ‘asylumers’ who go on the run and prowl illegally around UK communities.

    Again unusually for much of the Brit media, the report exposed who’s behind this ‘enemy within’ organisation.

    They’re financially backed by the UK government funded Legal Services Commission (now the Legal Aid Agency) as well as London Councils…


    …and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – all tax payer funded organisations.

    So Cameron and Co. would have us believe they are doing their utmost to defend Brits from crimmigrant phoneys, but are standing idly by while taxes paid by honest citizens are splurged on subversive pro-crimmigrant pinkos?

    The report actually is entertaining as well as informative, telling how the cultural marxist cutie-pie got all fretty when attempts were made to clarify both her geographical and political position.



    But this is fundamentally no laughing matter. Write to your MP about your taxes being wasted like this. And equally, if not more important…


    • Every Brit should communicate promptly with the Charity Commissioners demanding that this arrogant leftist clique be deprived of their charitable status.

    Here’s the link to the CC email address – https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-charity


    • Julia 12:18 on August 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Oh yes, it’s not just in Britain that these organizations get money from unsuspecting tax-payers.
      They also get a lot of money from suspect sources. In America many are funded by George Soros and I won’t be surprised if he is using his wealth in Europe too.


    • uncle oz 11:16 on August 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      We do have the same types in Australia, plenty of money and plenty of noise.
      They make the noise but who gives them the money.



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