‘Churl-Shaming’ OK! Great British Gran Savages English ‘Gent!’

 I see this story is going the rounds, but nevertheless, it’s worth a mention, as it illustrates both the resilience of a healthy spirit of Englishry among the older generation, and the abysmal decline in manners among some other English ‘gentry.’

It involves a London Tube journey, Oxford Circus/Chancery Lane, and I quote the chap who observed the scene.

“To my right is sat a lady [sic], 25-30, wearing a revealing dress.




Nothing but good news so far, I hear you say!

London commuting is soul-destroying, so when an inspirational vision materialises, let us be of gladsome mind, surely?

Alas not.

“Standing in front of us is a man, 50s, suit and tie, eyeing revealing dress.”

  • dignif

  • The man reportedly leans over to the lady in the dress and says, “have some self respect when you dress yourself.”

  • ========

Good grief!

That’s the kind of comment you expect from some sectarian ignoramus in Lahore, who reckons women should be draped in ugly shrouds, not from a Londoner.

Is sectarian sexism infectious?

The young woman thus publicly upbraided, for no good reason, is, unsurprisingly, embarrassed by this obnoxious prig’s outburst. 

Enter the heroine – an ancient, ‘almost dead’ lady, as the narrator puts it, lashes out at the man.



For non-English-speaking readers, some examples of  ‘revealing dress’


“She can wear or not wear whatever the f*** she likes, even if she was naked with a sign pointing to her fanny and the sign pointed to her fanny which said … PARTY CITY ALL INVITED … then that would still be none of your bloody business. Now f*** back to your bored wife!”


The observer put this delightful tale into social media, where it’s gone ‘viral.’

Of course he says, rightly,“That old lady will be my hero for the rest of her life.

But it makes me wonder, has chivalry died out, or at least approaching extinction?

Only the gran stood up for the girl? 

And why did the journalette, Karina Nowysz, who wrote the blog-post, feel obliged to criticise the observer’s  jocular references to the woman’s age.

The answer to that second question is beyond me.

Is getting on in years not a fit subject for humour? I joke about my own slither towards the bone-yard all the time! Does young Karina fear that one day she too might look ‘almost dead?

Lord knows, some mornings, like today, after a ‘free whisky’ party last night, I feel, and probably look, ‘almost dead!’

‘Last orders?’


  • The answer to the first question, the demise of chivalry, must sadly be YES.

According to Karina, there is a bizarre and revolting practice in vogue these days called ‘slut-shaming.’


  •  ——–

  • If a woman dresses sexily, she gets targetted for noisy abuse by churlish, sticky-beak morons, in public.

What a sicko society, where such conduct is countenanced.  

Better by far to engage, like the almost dead but gloriously lively gran, in CHURL-SHAMING!







































































































































































































who wrote the linked ‘blog-post’ feel obliged to criticise the observer’s ” jocular references to the woman’s age? ” jocular references to the woman’s age? ”





























































By Karina Nowysz