One Million RRA Readers! Hallelujah!

What a grand total, and what a grand day!

Our stats have been inching up there, some days dramatic, others slow but steady, and after the RRA re-incarnation four years ago, our blog has just passed the million mark.


Of course, we have no way of knowing how many individuals have tuned in, because many of our readers read every day, as far as we know. There are hundreds who enjoy a regular diet of  unleavened conservatism, though oft-leavened with a bit of humour, concerning news from all over the world.

And naturally I devote a lot of space not just to Indonesian current events but also to how life unfolds in Jakarta, presenting my many Indonesian readers with views from an angle that contrasts sharply with that exhibited by certain supercilious expat elements.


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  • The latter don’t like this, now and then submitting snobby ‘put-down’ comments expressing disgust/dismay at any foreigner here who spends time in the kampungs and eats out and travels in modes familiar to the kampung people.
  • dignif – Stuck-up expats are just an embarrassment to themselves, yes, but their aloof arrogance, if not shown up, can do real damage to the image of their countries in the eyes of local people.


So reasons to be cheerful, indeed! 

But it’s also fair to note that in reality, RRA has had MANY more readers than our existing figures indicate.

This is the second incarnation of this blog, the first shut down because a nasty little drip couldn’t take criticism over the slack way he ran his network, of which we were originally part.  


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  • What a poke in the eye for that low-life who sabotaged the original RRA, that today we reached that magic million!
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A wee dram seems in order!  

Or several!