Vienna Dons Jackboots to Crush Austrian Resistance!


Austrian towns that balk at taking in refugees can be forced to accept migrants under draft legislation agreed by the two ruling parties and the opposition Greens on Monday.


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Of course the cultural marxist Greens are in on the authoritarian onslaught on the beleaguered provinces.


This move comes because local councillors have stood up for their people, raising strenuous objections to having unwanted parasites imposed on their communities.

Rather than listen to their own anguished citizens and kick the crimmigrants out, however, the ruling Social Democrat/People’s Party cabal, collaborating with the EUSSR, have drafted a draconian law which obliges towns to allow refugees numbering up to 1.5 percent of the local population onto federally-designated sites if their province does not fulfil agreed quotas.


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It may not sound a lot but Austrians live next door to Bavaria, where primitive dress codes have been foisted on German girls German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! for fear savages might molest them if they dare wear normal female clothing.

Nobody wants backward brutes like that prowling their streets.


The same report mentions how those sell-out feds are sending ‘asylumers’ to Slovakia, where at least the townspeople concerned got to vote on the imposition. They gave the bludgers a massive thumbs-down…

Small Slovak Town Teaches Obameron A Democracy Lesson 

…though their government, too, may show scant respect for democracy.

Not a lot we can do except express solidarity with the Resistance, as of course we have done already with regard to the wise Poles who are also facing this type of compulsory colonisation.

Solidarnosc! Against The People’s Will, EUSSR Imposes Crimmigrants On Poles! 


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Those Fed creeps in Vienna are facing a fight-back, fortunately, in the form of Heinz Christian Strache of Austria’s Freedom Party.

He has described the alien infestation edict as the imposition of quotas “with brute force.”

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All this is happening before Juncker the Liar makes good on his threat to ORDER his subject states to accept whatever allocation of undesirables he and his Brussels clique deem fit.

The only consolation one can draw is that this outrageous scheme will open the eyes of those many, otherwise sensible, East and Central Europeans who, liberated from the old USSR’s imperial sway, turned to the EUSSR as a perceived security blanket against any new threat from the East.

Some security, as this unforeseen multicultural tsunami hits them now! 

God Save Europe!